Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for Xari Xari,

You are one of the three main heroines of my first published novel. You were originally slated to be the villain. I can just see you rolling your eyes and laughing at me for thinking that you could ever be the villain, when you turned out to be such a stout warrior for the other camp.

It's so weird to look back on the journey to everything you were and everything you've become. You, your friends, and your world have been a part of my life for so many years now that it seems so real in my head. Your story was born because my friend Faith and I wanted to write a novel together, and after so many years, it's as natural for me to write with her as it is to write by myself. This something I will always treasure, too.

Thank you for being so stubborn and making your path better than I had first imagined it.

One of Your Co-Authors

Available Now at Amazon and Other Online RetailersP.S.  You were also represented on the cover of my first book. That's something that's very special in my writing to publishing walk.

*Black and white artwork © Jacob Grant


  1. OH, XARI!

    You had me fairly early on, but you won me forever with the Eagles. :)

  2. I love those characters that are slated for one thing but won't permit it. She sounds great!

  3. Oh, what a beautiful letter... And I LOVE that illustration. Who drew it? Is it the same person who drew the illustrations I saw in the trailer?

  4. Don't you love the way characters sometimes do that? It's almost proof AGAINST the idea of fate, predestination. Even our imaginary charactes can't be pinned down.

    Lovely post!

  5. what a pretty name =)
    our characters always seem to take over, don't they!
    happy x day!

  6. Kate-That's something I will forever remember about you and Xari--your thoughts on her and Eagles. :D

    Hart-They certainly do add to the story, don't they? Thank you!

    Rachel-Thank you!! Jacob Grant drew it. He is the same person who drew the illustrations in the trailer. (In fact, this illustration was at the beginning of the trailer, but in parts, and then only a brief shot of the whole thing.) ^_^

    Donna-It's so weird how characters just take on a life of their own and decide on what they want to do! Thank you!

    Tara-Thanks! They do always seem to take over, but I think in the end it makes for a much better story. :D


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