Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm Thankful for My Readers Bloghop

Today, we have a bloghop!

 Thankful for Readers Bloghop

I'm so thankful to my readers, of all kinds!

Thank you to my crit partners, who pick apart my stories, are bluntly honest and therefore only help make my novels better, and who have shared more laughs, late-night giggles, and inside jokes than I can even recount. Most of you have seen me in every state imaginable, including my super-hyper-sugared-up-and-caffeinated state. (Even if I will never live down army crawling across the floor.)

(There is a story to that. It was like 2AM, and one of my writing partners goes, "Hey, Laura, what if I told you my two characters might not get together?" I crawled over to her in a flash and went, "WHAT?"


Thank you to my blog readers, who are so encouraging and thoughtful and have stuck with me through so much. I've met some incredible people through the blogosphere. For you, my first attempt at a haiku:

Marvelous readers
Make the blogosphere go round
Wonderful people

And in addition, as thanks, I know there are a lot of writers on here, so for the first five people who mention they want it in the comment, I'll edit the first ten pages of your book. Or the first chapter, if it's under fifteen pages. (I work as a professional editor.)

Thank you to my book readers, who buy my books and support me that way. In thanks, for one week only, I'm making Rising Book 1: Resistance available for free on Smashwords. You can use coupon code VT82DYou can get any ebook version you want using that coupon code here: Rising Book 1: Resistance

(Also, for the month of November, I have Confessions from the Realm of the Underworld (Also Known as High School) for $0.99 on Smashwords using coupon code HB87F, which you can purchase here if you so desire: Confessions on Smashwords.)

Thanks to all of you who help, encourage, and support me in so many ways! You are all so awesome!!!