Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for Relentless, Resolute Writers

Dear Relentless, Resolute Writers,

You are amazing.

You juggle so many things in between your writing.  Maybe you have a day job and you moonlight as a writer by night.  Maybe you have a night job and work in a little bit of writing during the day.  Maybe you're so bogged down with homework that you have no idea how you're going to type out anything except your finals.  Maybe you're running your children back and forth to their extracurricular activities.  Maybe you have a huge, bustling family.  Maybe you live by yourself.

You all have one thing in common: you're writing a book.  Fiction, non-fiction, adult, YA, MG, children's, memoir, novel-length, novella, short-story, series.  You could be on your twentieth novel.  You could be on your first.  You could write a whole book in a month.  You could take three years to do it.

But no matter what you're juggling or where you are on your writing path, you're sticking with it.  Sometimes you're so tired and discouraged that it's all you can do to drag one foot in front of the other.  Sometimes you're on Cloud 9 because you just got the proofs back from your editor and you know you are so close to holding your book in your hands.  Sometimes you want to throw your manuscript against the wall because you just do not know why anyone would ever want to read it.  Sometimes you are elated and giddy when someone read and loved your story.

Writing is not easy.  It's a constant process of growing, changing, learning, developing.  Writing, editing, revising, more editing, rewriting, did I mention editing?, sending to beta readers/critique partners, writing summaries, researching publishers/agents, writing queries, sending queries, getting rejections, and waiting.

There is a lot of waiting in writing.

Still, here you are, plodding down your path, or perhaps running down it.  You are sticking with it no matter how hard it is because you have a story to tell.  Even though sometimes you might feel like quitting, you're not going to because you love writing, because you have a story, because you want to say something with your words, or because of many other personal reasons.

To all of you relentless, resolute writers: my hat is off to all of you, no matter what stage you're in.  I hope that you can hold onto the joy of writing in the frustrating moments, and that you can see the worth in your words in those times when doubt whispers to you.

This is your story and only you can tell it.  I wish an amazing, beautiful journey for you.

All the best,
A Fellow Writer


  1. Thanks. This is a great reminder that we all go through tough times even though we probably suffer alone.

  2. Thanks!! It does help to have a reminder we aren't alone. Nicely written.

  3. I started following you but haven't been here much visiting your wonderful blog. Thanks for commenting today on my post so I could be reminded to return. I would have hated missing this awesome post!
    Thanks for the encouraging words. We writers need all the encouragement we can get!

  4. Hey, Laur! It's Shanna. So... I have to tell you how inspirational your posts have been this month! As you know, I'd been participating in Script Frenzy. I use the past tense because I finished it two days ago. Yay! It actually morphed into more of a novel, but I couldn’t care less!

    Yep, right now I'm definitely feeling the excitement of being an author. I have a friend that’s now reading my NaNo novel. Actually, I have another friend waiting to read it, as well. Maybe I’ll let them read both of my stories and have them switch packets (yes, I printed off more than three hundred pages) when they’re done.

    Being a writer’s awesome. LOL

    Back to my main point: everyday I would check out your blog, but only after having written for the day. Your blogs motivated me to write! Thank you SO much, Laura! And now my mind’s starting to go back to normal!

    That’s the downside about writing a “script” (or novel) in a month. You’re in such a haze in doing so! Well, at least I now have two (complete) stories to show for it! I’m definitely at the beginning of my writing journey, but I find I want to write everyday now. It’s going to be an amazing ride, isn’t it? Maybe I’ll return to my unfinished novels. You know, the two I stopped writing when my computer crashed? I can’t stop writing! LOL

    Hope to talk to you soon.

    P.S. Would you be interested (if you have the time) in reading one or both of my stories?

  5. Thanks to you all!

    (Shannie, I'll send you an email as soon as I can--probably tomorrow. Thank you so much; I'm so glad this has encouraged you through Script Frenzy!)


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