Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for Switchfoot

Dear Switchfoot,

My friend Timbre introduced me to you right about my sixteenth birthday. She was like, "Laura, you've got to hear some of these songs!" The first one she played me was called Love is a Revolution.  Then she played Dare You to Move and it hit me straight in the heart.  I was going through a really rough spot in my life and this song was exactly what I needed to hear.  I went out and bought your Learning to Breathe album just so I would have this song and I listened to it countless times

A few years later, a lot of your songs were featured on the movie A Walk to Remember, and you made another album with a redone version of Dare You to Move, and suddenly everyone knew who you were and had heard this song everywhere, but this was the first version that I was introduced to:

It's been almost twelve years since I first heard this and it is still my favorite song. I've never gotten tired of it, even though I tend to listen to the newer version of it more than I listen to this one.

You also gave me other music that has spoken into my life or made an impact on me. Like Only Hope.  It was later covered by Mandy Moore, but I heard your version first and sometimes I'll just put it on repeat for a while.

Thank you for the music that has spoken to me and encouraged me for over a decade.

A Music Fan

*Is there a particular band/song that has impacted you?


  1. Pretty cool. I've gotten to know some new bands through all my blogging friends!

  2. I love Switchfoot! One of my first concerts in college was them and they were amazing. I love that they are decent people trying to do good in the world as well as make great music. We need more of that.

  3. Good choice. I really like Switchfoot overall and some of their songs in particular.

  4. Switchfoot is great =)
    thanks for posting the clips.
    happy s day!

  5. Switchfoot=cool Good choice!

    I can't get enough of LifeHouse lately. Their song First Time really spoke to me while I was writing my book.

  6. Oh I LOVE their music, I really do! I love that the lyrics aren't just repetitive meaninglessness and that they can really speak to your spirit.

  7. Great post! I think music is really inspiring and love to see how much it impacts others.

  8. Laura-I love discovering new music; I'm always looking for new songs and recs.

    Sierra-I know! I think their attitude is as awesome as their music. And so neat that you saw them in concert!

    Dawn-Yeah, there are some songs by them that speak a lot more to me than others. But the same could be said of a lot of bands.

    Tara-I love sharing music. ^_^ Thanks!

    Kristine-I LOVE Lifehouse! I've been listening to them since their first album. (First Time is a great song, too!)

    Donna-:D :D

    Rachel-Exactly! Some of their songs just speak to me so much, and leave me feeling so much better after I listen. I love music like that.

    Lindsay-I agree; music is so inspiring. Thank you!


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