Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reminders, Upcoming Events, and Award Thank You

Hope all of you are having a great weekend! My family's apparently still sifting through the two viruses that have been going around our house (a stomach bug and the flu, both with entirely different symptoms). My daughter is sick with headache, chills, and fever right now, so I'm snuggling with her in bed and watching Malcolm in the Middle while I put this post together.

Some reminders and upcoming events and a thank you:


First, a reminder that the favorite character blogfest starts tomorrow! It runs through Wednesday, so you can sign up and participate anytime between now and then. Sign up here:

There are a couple of blogfests coming up that you might be interested in, too.

On February 13, it's the Origins Blogfest. When did your writing dreams begin?

And running now until February 19th is the "Help a Fellow Blogger" Blogfest.


Jenna Cooper presented me with the Kreativ Blogger award. (She has an awesome blog--you should check it out!) Thank you, Jenna!

Upcoming Books:

Alex J. Cavanaugh's new book is coming out in February. To help spread the word, visit here:

Rachel Morgan's book is coming out in March, and I'll be participating in her blog tour.


They are also both awesome people; if you're not already following their blogs, you should check them out!

Update on my upcoming book, Rising Book 1: Resistance.

I had two books I was freelance editing, and I got both of those finished, so now I can focus all my attention on this. Release date is February 21, 2012.  I'm in the process of final edits/tweaking. I'm going to work on putting together a blog tour and a button and all that fun stuff as soon as I finalize the blurb. Final cover should also be coming at some point soon. :)

I know there are a couple of other blogfests approaching right now, too. Anything you're participating in? Upcoming books by you or someone else?


  1. Thanks for your help, Laura. I'm working through the edits now. *hugs*

    Can't wait for the blog tour tomorrow.

    Everneath by Brodi Ashton comes out on Tuesday. LOVED this book!

  2. My pleasure, Donna! Good luck with the book! :D

    I will have to look into Everneath! I remember seeing info on it on your blog.

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning my Catch Fire! blog party! And the Origins Blogfest. Really appreciate it!

  4. ACK! I need to do another blogfest soon and I just keep missing them LOL. Next time, next time. Have a great Monday!

  5. Loves of great stuff, here. I knew about some of it, but not most. Now I know. Thanks for the info.

    I gave you a shout-out on my blog today! :)

  6. I just signed up for the Origins Blogfest. It'll be fun!
    I'm now following you!

  7. I had signed up for another blogfest in February, so I wasn't going to do the Origins one, but I think I changed my mind. Off to sign up. At least it's a topic I know I can write about. :)

    Nice to meet you!!

  8. Those blogfests sound fun! I wish I had more free time, or I'd participate. Thanks for the reminders, though. :)

  9. Those are some fabulous blog tours! And congrats on the upcoming release of your book!

  10. How exciting! You're going to be very busy. Hope your house feels better soon!

  11. Looking forward to the release of May B. Hope you and your family get well soon!
    Catherine Denton

  12. Two lurgies in one family at once?
    Poor you!
    Congratulations on the award!

  13. Thank you for the mention in this post AND for putting the blog tour button on your sidebar! Looking forward to helping you out with the release of your book. And congrats on the Kreativ Blogger award!

  14. Oh thank you for all the news! I have to go check some of these out.

  15. Not that I can think of, except that the A-Z challenge entries open sometime within the next week. :-)

  16. Thanks for the tip on the blogfest! Groovy blog:)

  17. I'm doing the Origins blogfest too! It looks like a fun one. Thanks for sharing the others! Good luck on the final stages of getting our book ready. :)


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