Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy First Day of NaNo!

For those of you not doing NaNo, HAPPY NOVEMBER!

For those of you doing NaNo, HAPPY NANO! How is your first day going? Feeling good? Excited? Nervous?

Since I'm "cheating" this year and working on projects I already have going, I'm doing my word count based off of anything new I write this month for those projects. So far today, that's only 150 words. ;) I'm off to a late start. My husband talked me through something this morning, preventing me from chopping 4,000 words that I wrote this weekend. Then he said, "It's like Disney said. Keep moving forward!" And that's what I'd already been telling myself. Keep moving forward, keep moving forward...

And look, someone has it on youtube! So for your first day of NaNo, here is your Disney moment of "keep moving forward" from Meet the Robinsons.

Or you could go with Dory from Finding Nemo and instead of saying "just keep swimming" say, "Just keep writing, just keep writing..."

You can do it!!


  1. I'm planning on writing at 10:00 PM after the kids are guaranteed to be asleep (probably, hopefully) if I can't get my writing in during the day. My novel took an interesting turn in my mind this morning. 0 words so far. :) Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the message, Laura. I'm not doing NaNo because I have 67K of a first draft and want to concentrate on completing it. But you have given me the needed encouragement to keep moving forward!

  3. Let's hope so! I'll hold you to that. =D

  4. Two wonderful, feel good movies with great music. :)

    I'm not doing NaNo, but I am doing PiBoIdMo (picture book idea month), so wish me luck.

    Have a great week, Laura!

  5. Good luck! I'm off to write now too

  6. Good luck with the writing! I'm setting myself fresh goals this month - not NaNo, but my own personal "get 'er done" list. Love this month, when so many people are working together for similar goals, and all encouraging each other!


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