Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick Updates

I am terribly behind on my writing goal for this month. TERRIBLY.

I have been going back and forth with my ever-so-patient and amazing illustrator this week to tweak things on the book cover.

I finally, finally got the rough draft of the book blurb written, part of it last night and the rest of it this afternoon.

I'm going to get coffee and write as much as I can right now.

Oh, July. How is already the sixth? Where is the month going!?! Is it going as fast for you all as it is for me?


  1. Arg...yes!!! The summer is speeding past me. I feel like I have blinders on.

    Exciting for you, though!! Can't wait to see the product! Eek!

    I'll email soon :D

  2. Just keep a steady course and do one step after another. Don't panic!

    Moody Writing
    follow me!

  3. Yup. But I agree with Moody. Take a deep breath. Cleaning up the messes we make when we're panicked always takes more time than if we'd just not given in.

    Good luck!

  4. I am freaking out just a little bit about how quickly this summer is moving. Last fall and winter were miserably cold and dreary and wearisome, and our spring was quite pathetic, and I just want summer to stick around long enough to make me look forward to colder weather again!

    Good luck with your goals.


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