Monday, July 18, 2011

Book Cover!

My wonderful, patient, splendorific illustrator Holly finished my book cover for Confessions from the Realm of the Underworld today. I wanted to share it before I get to work on publishing this. :D :D :D I am SO EXCITED.

ETA: In my excitement, I neglected to give my timeframe for publication. If all goes well, this should start the publication process this week. I'm hoping it will be available sometime this month or in August.

Front Cover:


Spine and Back Cover:


Cover art © Holly Robbins.


  1. Thanks, Donna! I'm trying to upload it for publication this week--I have to get a sample copy and see what it looks like and make sure everything's set. It should be published by the end of the month or beginning of August if everything goes smoothly. I should probably go edit the post and mention that. ;)

  2. How exciting! The back cover description has an amazing voice. Keep us updated!

  3. Congratulations!!! I hope it all goes well. I recently published a YA novel. It was stressful getting everything ready, but now it's wonderful. Good luck.

  4. It looks wonderful! Can't wait to read it.

  5. Wow. That's wonderful! Congratulations. I like the text on the back too.

  6. Good for you, it does look interesting. Cheers.

  7. This is amazing! I love absolutely everything about it. You or Holly (or both) have superb design skills. I love the notebook idea! And the consistency with the pencils… just wow. Definitely makes me want to read this again. I know for sure I’ll be buying a copy;)

    Hope things are going well for you. I’ve finally stopped “simmering” and am now writing. LOL. I’m sure your writing for Rising Book 2 (will that be the final name?) is going splendidly!

  8. You make me blush, Laura.

    Your talent, patience and awesomeness seem to know no limits. Thank you for everything and I love you to pieces.

    Congratulations on another book, and a new achievement!

  9. The notebook idea is adorable! Lovely. Congrats on getting this ready to go! :)

  10. Wonderful cover and very exciting! Can't wait to read that you've got it all set up and published.

  11. Alexis-Thank you!! I will! ^_^

    Connie-Thank you, and congrats on your book!!

    Elouise-Thanks! :D

    Tonja-Thank you very much!


    Shanna-It's totally Holly! I just told her what I wanted on the cover, and she designed everything--and added the pencils on her own. I'm glad you're writing again! I'm still simmering, LOL. I think it'll be easier to think of other things once this book is published!

    Tara-Thank you!

    fairheart-YOU are awesome. Thank you for everything!!

    Faith-The notebook at the top was all my illustrator's doing. Thank you!!

    Shannon-Thanks! I'm excited--exhausted from getting everything set up, but excited. :D

  12. So exciting! Sounds like a fun story :-)


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