Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sharing Advice

My next post will be one on characters and personality, but while I prepare that, I wanted to leave a couple of links to some of the most recent blogs I've read about characters and character voice. 

For some fantastic advice on moving characters forward, Gail Carson Levine did a blog post here: Perpetual Motion Characaters (She also has many, many wonderful posts on writing, as well as prompts to help writers if they're stuck or want to do some writing exercises. Check it out!)

For great info on voice, Miriam Forster just finished up a series on her blog here: Dancing with Dragons is Hard on Your Shoes (She has posts on a lot of other writing topics, too!)

If anyone else has advice to share (or links to share) feel free to leave them here!  And I will be back soon with another entry for my series.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!