Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Letters for Letters

When one of my characters does something--or wants to do something--that completely throws me off or brings my story to a screeching halt, I often write letters to my characters.  These typically get posted on my private journal, because they sometimes have plot points that I don't wish to put all over the place.  But they sometimes have lots of exclamation points and are full of CAPS to show my DISBELIEF or HORROR at what shenanigans my characters are getting up to. Or I'll argue with my characters in the form of a letter, or very occasionally apologize to them for horrible trauma that I have put them through.

There is something I find therapeutic about yelling at, wheedling with, or just talking to my characters in letters.  Sometimes it even helps me solidify thoughts about them.

Anyway, I was contemplating what to do for this looming A-Z Blog Challenge and I decided--why not write letters to a character/person/idea/book/theme/whatever for each letter in my A-Z challenge?  I sat down yesterday and wrote out letters to the letters A-G.  And P.

On the writing/plotting side of things: have you ever written a letter to your character?  If you have, did you find it fun/helpful?


  1. My letters for "Knife" have so far mostly been 'Dear Novel, WHY ARE YOU A KISSING BOOK? Love, me'

    I use the letters for two reasons:

    1. Solidifying plot points/character traits. Just "saying things out loud" to make them real/workable.

    2. To get Emma (or you) to jump in and tell me that yes, this is a thing I should do. ;)

  2. That's an awesome idea!

    I generally write dialogues between me and the character. It's actually a great way to get a feel for his/her voice. Even if I probably come off looking like a raving lunatic.


  3. great way to do your challenge. i'm impressed. i'll be back tomorrow!


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