Monday, June 6, 2011

World-Building, Part 5: Genre

I'm tying up my world-building series with a very short post today. I've talked about my basic building blocks for world-building: characters, setting, rules, and climate. There is also genre, which isn't so much "build your world with genre." It's more "your genre is going to affect your world-building."

For example, if you're writing historical fiction, the world you're working in is going to be very specific. If you're writing horror or mystery or romance or fantasy, there might be certain aspects of the world-building that will be different than other genres.

Of course there are books that mix genres. Often, though, there are things you probably won't see in some genres.


Do you write in one genre? Do you have several genres you work in? What's your favorite to write or to read?


  1. Oh, no. I read more than one genre. Why would I want to be pinned to writing only one?

    Love these posts.

  2. I read all of it but write only something that I call "twisted tales" or thrillers.

  3. Princess McSparkly!! *ROTFL*

    So far I haven't been tempted to write anything outside of fantasy, though you know Shakespeare's Basement has a very strong contemporary element. Truthfully the contemporary part of it takes up 90% of the screen time, but it's the fantasy component that makes it exciting for me to write.

  4. such great drawing!
    i write a bunch of diff genre, but try to concentrate on one at a time. selling one would be optimum, then i might write more of that (what i am "approved" in)

  5. Haha! Great post, Laur! Yes, there is something different about that princess being there...

    Actually, I just recently read a book with a princess in a sort of alien story. But she wasn't very princess like. I don't even think she knew she was a princess at first.:/ But it was actually a very good read. It was sort of like The Hunger Games. It's "Star Shadows" by Colbie Hodge.

    You know, this reminds me of the new Cowboys and Aliens movie. Sometimes it works to cross genre, but it can be so strange! Especially when it's not a comedy.

    Maybe mixing genres could keep you from clich├ęs? I don't know. But it seems when people try, it just gets too weird, so...

    In other news, I finally started my newest chapter in the KH fanfic. It's going better than I expected. I think I just need to tackle it. I'm glad that, so far, it's not going as dark as I thought it might.

    Also, I think I might retype the story I was telling you about yesterday. The one that I lost the first chapters of in my computer crash, but had later ones handwritten. It's daunting, but I feel I need to do it. I can't even think of writing new stories because I'm in love with that one again.

    Anyway, hope you're doing well! Hope the packing's almost done, too. I'll talk to you later!

    <3 Shan

  6. Hehe. I forgot to mention that I usually only write in the Fantasy or Sci-Fi genres. Those two can sort of overlap with me. I’d also write Supernatural, but haven’t been inspired to do so yet…

    As long as there’s something “weird” in my story, I’m happy. LOL.

  7. Cute, funny and as always, informative! I write mainly sci-fi/speculative fiction but I've beeen known to dabble in Contemporary also:)

  8. This cartoon makes me laugh! I can't imagine a better visual to get the idea of genre across!

  9. Interesting mix of genres there. LOL!

    How about this mix:

    Pirate: Hand over the loot, ya old wench!
    Little Old Lady: Who do you think you are speaking to?
    Pirate: You, you old hag! Hand over yer silver!
    L.O.L - Young man, watch your mouth and your manners. (snifs) And, when was the last time you took a bath or brushed your teeth? That's it! March yourself back home right now.
    Pirate: Awww! No fair. I was just have'n some fun.
    L.O.L - Now! Get going!
    Pirate: Awww, man... (slinks away)

  10. That drawing depicts a book I would love to read! Except I need a vampire in there and I need it to be set on a space-ship 600 years in the future. Which makes sense since in the future people will be born with incredibly tiny arms. ;)

    Great post!


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