Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The "and other randomness" part of this blog.

First, I think it should be said that I get this award:


Because my last blog post was December 1st.  I said I was going to come back once my brain wasn't a pile of mush, but then December was gone and then January was here, and I was thinking that I should do a post, and then suddenly it was past the middle of January.  I think there's a little fairy around here that has stolen some of my days, because how is it already January 18th?  O_O

My life these past weeks has been full of struggling to write, spurts of writing, homeschooling, Christmas, family, friends, and a lot of other things.  And here I've been, randomly looking at my blog as if it were a bomb waiting to go off and the only way I could disable it was to actually post something, and yet...there was nothing.

So I have decided to share a random moment of my life.  A random moment that actually happened about half an hour ago, when my five-year-old daughter scared me half to death.  She was getting ready for bed, and went into the downstairs bathroom.  No sooner had she walked in there than she came running out as if a monster was on her heels.  She was screaming bloody murder and crying big, frantic crocodile tears.


Then she shouted,


My heart was not pounding quite so loudly then and I did the Nice Mommy thing and reassured her, and went to see this cockroach.

The thing was pretty big, but it was also lying on its back and wiggling its legs in the air.


It escaped before I could find something to catch it with.  I may not be afraid of cockroaches, but I kind of have this thing with touching giant wiggling bugs.  Or tiny wiggling bugs.  And I absolutely cannot squash a big bug, because it crunches and ewwwww I'm shuddering just thinking about the horrible, awful, wretched sound of crunching bugs.


Anyway.  I got my kids tucked into bed, and then went back to the bathroom to see if the cockroach was hiding out again.  I found it under the kids' stepping stool and it met its end with spray bottle of bleach and a flush down the toilet.


The point of this story?

Yeah, I don't really have one except that cockroaches are nasty and wiggly bugs creep me out.



  1. Hahahaha! I loved it- especially you with the green face. And do you remember when we were kids and would collect toads and daddy-long-legs around the house and form a collection on the porch (kind of sounds like we were preparing for an incantation, eh?)? Frogs were usually too fast for us. I think we stopped because Grandma told us that poisonous spiders existed.


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