Friday, August 8, 2014

Looking for a fantasy book to read?

From August 8th through the 12th only, you can get the ebook version of "Rising Book 1: Resistance" for FREE on Amazon! This is the first of two books in an adult fantasy series. (Both books are published.) This is a great chance to get the first one if you don't have it already.

Follow this link for the book. :)


What it's about:

All Alphonse wants is a quiet summer at home before his final months at university. What he gets is a half-dead man on his doorstep. The stranger insists that the country is in danger and asks Alphonse to carry out his task of delivering a package to the leader of the country.

Alphonse thinks the man might be a little delusional from his injury, but he reluctantly takes the package and boards a train toward the capital. When he's attacked by knights, elite soldiers of the neighboring king, he realizes he's in way over his head.

He's rescued from the knights by Mairwyn, a mechanic traveling for work. Alphonse clashes with her instantly. She thinks he's a clueless bookworm, and he finds her rude and cynical. He's less than pleased when she decides to join him on his journey to the capital, but the longer Alphonse travels with Mairwyn, the more he learns about the haunted past she's been running from for so long.

It's a past that she'll have to confront if she and Alphonse stand any chance of protecting themselves and countless others from the terrible plans of the neighboring king--plans that bring horrific death and lead the country to the brink of war.


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