Monday, July 8, 2013

Spirit Online Launch Party/Scavenger Hunt

This evening, I'm participating in Lauren Ritz's Online Launch party. This is one stop on a scavenger hunt, and it's going on tonight only.
There will be prizes, but in order to win them, you'll need to answer one or all of the following questions to earn points. Don't post your answers here! Instead, you'll need to find the answers (huzzah, scavenger hunts!) and go post the answers on Lauren's Launch Party Facebook page here:
Answer any or all of the following questions, but remember that those with the most points will win the prizes (there will also be more questions at the launch party site, and at other stops on the scavenger hunt, for a chance to get more points):

1/2 point: Give one English word that you think Google wouldn't know (then Google it. If Google really doesn't have a definition, you get a full point for this one)

Question from Lauren's book, "Spirit" (1 point): Why does Val call Frank Mr. Thumb? Find the answer in the sample pages here.

Question from my book, "Rising 1: Resistance" (1 point): What unexpected thing was Alphonse's neighbor born with? Find the answer in the sample pages here.
The next stop on the scavenger hunt is Donna Weaver's blog, so be sure to check that out for more questions and chances for points.


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