Monday, April 1, 2013

"Without A Voice" by Lauren Ritz - Book Release!

I know a ton of you bloggers out there are busy tackling the first day of the A-Z blog challenge, and I wish you all the best! Have fun!!

Today, is also the release of Lauren Ritz's first novel, Without A Voice.

Don’t put yourself on the grid. No credit cards, new name, new city. Few friends, no family. 
Connections of any kind are a risk.
Five years ago Mae left Florida with just the clothes on her back, leaving an ex-boyfriend and all other relationships behind. Now Justin has caught up with her and she has a choice--sacrifice the life she's built, or have it destroyed.

You can purchase Without A Voice at the following places:

Lauren Ritz began writing at the age of six with a “journal entry” about aliens flying through her bedroom window and landing on her wall.  She tried to start earlier, but was handicapped by the fact that she couldn’t draw well enough.

Writing is her love and her lifelong obsession, taking up the majority of her time when she isn’t involved in other less compelling interests.  Gardening is her second love.

Visit her at: 

Her webpage
Twitter: @Laurenritz1


  1. Thank you for introducing my book, Laura!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for helping me with my book launch, Donna!

  3. Best of luck! The book cover belies the intensity of the story line.

    1. Thanks, Susan. I wanted it to be slightly subdued because she's hiding.


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