Thursday, October 25, 2012

Preview of Cover Art for Rising Book 2: Rebellion

My cover artist just sent me the preview for the cover of Rising Book 2: Rebellion and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I love the nighttime colors/contrast to the daytime colors of the cover of Rising Book 1: Resistance. I love how she drew Lachlan and Brenna and the "I've got your back" mentality and the hand-holding and EEEEEEEE.

I'm so inspired. *_*

Art © Holly Robbins

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Did I Notice Your Book Blogfest

Today, it's the Did I Notice Your Book Blogfest, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh and Ciara Knight!

Here's how it works:

Post about a book you've noticed.

You can choose a book that you've read, something you saw on a blog or social media site, Goodreads, or a sales website. Anything that caught your eye because of a great cover, blurb or reviews, but DON’T tell the author that their book has been noticed. Instead, shout out on social media sites, and encourage others to do the same, until the author finds his/her book.

Leave a blog comment at Ninja Captain Alex or Ciara Knight when the author finds their book.

Only two rules:

1) You can’t post about your own book.

2) The book shouldn't be on the New York Times or USA Today bestseller list. This is your chance to shout out about a book that might not have been noticed by others.

The book I've chosen is Screwing Up Time by the awesome Connie Keller.

This book constantly catches my notice because of the title (The "Screwing Up" part stands out to me, for some reason), the cover (it's so pretty and gives such an urgent feel!) and the concept (time travel!!!) I really want to read it, but haven't yet. (Confession: I've been so busy writing and editing that it's been a ridiculous amount of time since I've just sat down to read. I hope to remedy that soon.) And this book is definitely one I want to sink my teeth into! Er, eyes into? That doesn't really work very well. Let's just stick with what I said before: I really want to read it.

Have any of you had a chance to read this book? Isn't the cover super intriguing?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ready, Set, Go

I've begun my read through of the first half of Rising Book 2: Rebellion and the rewrite of the second half. Confession: The rewrite terrifies me. I'm having this momentary "How am I going to make this work? How am I going to make it work by my deadline? What if it's terrible because I can't get it right in time?"

So now it's time for me to take a deep breath, remind myself I can do this, and go after it with a club. Or, you know, a keyboard. 

What are you working on right now?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Here and Gone

You may have noticed that I've been absent on Blogger for a while, and I've been terrible at keeping up with blogs. It's been all I can do to keep up with everything else I have going on. Between editing for work, writing novels, revising, rewriting, prepping for publication, homeschooling, and breathing, my blog has slipped woefully between the cracks. I'll pull up Blogger from time to time and stare at it and think about how I need to get on this sucker, and then a wave of exhaustion will wash over me. I haven't even had time to read my critique partners' latest books/chapter updates, never mind any other kind of reading. The only books I've read this year have been client edits. I need a good chunk of time to just sit and read. And you know, breathe. ;)

Anyway, I'm sorry for being so absent all over the place, and I'm hoping that things will settle down a little bit the rest of this year and I can get to some of the blog posts I've been wanting to do! Thanks to all of you who have stuck around and been so encouraging--it's meant a lot to me in the insanity of the past months. The only thing I have left planned for this year is the rewrite of half of Rising 2 and its publication--last month, I cut 73,000 words from the book, and now I need to rewrite some new story.

Also, a big, belated thank-you to Christine Rains for presenting me with the Daisy Award. :)

(Oh, I've also finally set up an author page on Facebook, and I hope to be more active there, too, so I'd love for you to join me. :)) My Facebook Page

Thanks again to all of you, and I hope you're all doing magnificently!